ConCar RMS

Monitoring & Alarms
Ensure your systems are running within their parameters at all times with easy-to-read dashboard and visualizations. If something goes wrong, we’ll let you know as soon as we do.

Maintain dependable logs of resource usage and time-sliced graphs. View peaks, valleys and averages across time periods. Presenting your environmental impact with compliance reports becomes a breeze.

Manage your systems anytime, anywhere in the world, from your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Unmatched remote control functionality makes sure your commands are received quickly and reliably.

ConCar RMS can provide stake holders with a current overview and complete history of various dairy production assets. Vacuum levels, plant washes, turntable speed and feed status are just a few of the many items capable of being recorded and presented in real-time.

Large farming operations need reliable measurements of effluent storage and spreading. We provide dependable compliance reports so farmers don’t need to worry about large environmental fines.

Orchardists can view their irrigation pump and maintenance routines, as well as setting alarm thresholds for various parameters like temperature, backup supply and frost warnings. ConCar RMS can even send text messages if these alarms are triggered.

Pack House & Cool Store
Product in refrigeration is important to keep track of. Easy-to-read overlays of temperature, pressure and product location make ConCar RMS an invaluable tool for cool store managers.

Pack house staff can have their production information centralized with the ability to report down to the individual pack runs. Preset plant parameters can be setup and information made available to all stake holders.