Automating industrial tasks can be a challenge for any company wishing to streamline their plant operations, but we’ve solidified our automation with years of hands-on experience and competent staff. We offer solutions for everything from simple irrigation solutions to fully automated plant room projects.

Variable-Speed Drives
For electrical, diesel or petrol motors, we offer VSD monitoring and control solutions that include temperature, pressure, flow, RPM and faults.

No two sites are the same, so we’ve created a flexible package that taps into an array of different sensing options for things such as system operation, weather and fault monitoring.

Pumps & Valves
Take control of your pumping station with our complete water solution outfitted for complete operation of irrigation systems and water tanks.

Interconnect your automated systems with your management schedule. Run times, maintenance periods and set-points reduce site visits just to turn a pump on or off.

Task Automation
Run preset tasks manually or as a schedule from the comfort of your home. Receive a text alert when they’ve been completed. It’s that simple.

Geographic Location
Geo-sensitive solutions need a level of mapping and reporting that few, if any, competitors are able to offer. We offer exact boundary maps and geolocation sensors to simplify packages such as travelling irrigation systems, effluent paddocks and much more.